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Jiaoda Rising Weinan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., is loated in middle section of Jinhua Street,Economic & Technological Development Zone,Weinan City,Shaanxi Province,China, the registered capital is 2,380 million yuan. The existing staff of more than 37 skilled people, of whom 15 professional and technical personnel.

Jiaoda Rising Weinan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd,a high-tech enterprise,is specializen in manufacturing Fumaric Acid food grade and its derivatives of food additives business. At present, our Fumaric Acid food grade, Fumaric Acid CWS and its salts,also Amino acid and its salts are in the leading position in China. Our products produced according to international standards such as FCC 9,USP36/NF27 or BP2007. We got the self-support imports and exports right, and registered in the encoding Dun & Bradstreet, the Dun’s No. is:560448432, moreover, we passed the ISO9001:2008, ISO22000:2005 (based on HACCP) quality management system certification, and formally applied for EU REACH certification, Kosher &, Halal certification and the United States FDA certification also. Additionally, we obtained the food production license approved by Shaanxi Food and Drug Administration, the Certificate Number is: SC20161050200151. Our fumaric acid products are exported to the United States and Europe, Japan, Africa and Latin America and other more than 40 countries and regions,We have established long good partnership with our clients; We had set a strict management system, advanced production technology, good market environment and professional marketing team.

We cooperated with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Jiangnan University and other research institutions, joint research and development of biotechnology products and new polymer materials. Among them, the enzyme immobilization fermentation products to develop, extend the product industry chain, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, products mainly in the food industry as acidity regulator, nutrition enhancer used also, widely used in the fields of pharmaceutical coatings, The cooperative research and development of flavoring fragrance products are also successful. Our company strictly follows the quality management system standard and specialized operation, accepts the order products processing, the range of particle size from 45 mesh to 1250 mesh, the color range is between 7# and 20#.

The new 15 thousand tons of food additives production base and technology research and Development Center is being built in Food industry park of Economic Development Zone of Weinan City.

Our company rely on a good investment environment to develop the economy.We pay more attention to safety produce, environmental protection, and fulfill environmental social responsibility, meanwhile we develop energy-saving environmental protection products actively.

Since our company establishment, we had actively participated in social welfare activities organized by mass organizations, and has been eager to offer love to the public welfare and repay the society with genuine affection.

"Quality comes from profession,Profession makes perfect". Our company highly praises the scientific and technological innovation, enhances the product science and technology content, makes the fine, the fine, the strong series product, makes the contribution for our country food additive and the biological engineering industry.

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